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Who am I?

Hello, I am Oguzcan Karakoc, founder of MaxEncode. With a great passion for developing software based solutions, I started this company to help people achieve their goals online. Software has grown exponentially throughout the last decade. Building scalable solutions has increasingly become a requirement. My interests lie in this growth. It brings endless possibilities. Exploring these possibilities, working with new and upcoming technologies and helping people to step into the online space is what I enjoy doing. A lot of people have an idea, but struggle putting it online. This is what MaxEncode helps you with. The name MaxEncode derives from Max, as in maximum, and Encode. I always like to have maximum input in my projects and my customers can expect no less. Encode has a more concrete meaning. The definition for Encoding is to convert something from one system of communication into another. Hence “Encode your vision”.
Oguzcan Karakoc

What can I do for you?

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Increasing the performance will give your users a smoother experience. This can be done using up to date technologies and practices. You can expect that the application runs smooth.

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You can expect me to create the application from scratch. I don't simply copy other applications.

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I'll assist you in setting up the application on your domain/ host. You no longer need to think about the configuration settings for a server.

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Designing custom icons and templates to complement your business.

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Customer focus

I keep your clients in mind when developing the product.

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Securing an application for different types of attacks such as XSS, SQL injection, Brute-force and more is important. Therefore I start building the application with security in mind.


The first step is to plan a conversation. In this conversation I would like to get to know you and your company better. We will discuss all your wishes for your new application. You can expect question about you goal, customers, functionalities and more. This conversation can be held trough WhatsApp, Skype or on location (Netherlands).
You will receive a quotation that contains the details of our agreement.
I will start making some wireframes, wireframes are diagrams that show the structure of an application. These wireframes will be sent to you for approval. This step will be repeated until you are satisfied.
You will receive a link to the development environment. This environment will give you a better overview on the progress of the application.
The application will be tested for mobile friendliness, speed and safety.
I will assist you with hosting the application on your domain.