What I find important


Communication is one of 3 important aspects of a project. It can be seen as the foundation. There has to be clear understanding between both parties before entering the building stage. This drastically decreases mistakes. You can expect periodic updates.


Having a great understanding of the tools you use will increases productivity. The quality of code will also increase which leads to scalable software products. Simply knowing how to code is not enough. Understanding how to properly apply your skills is what makes the biggest difference.


I believe true passion for your work is required. Without it you’ll lose interest. Having the desire to learn and grow as professional can bring one to new heights. This is reflected in the end result.

MaxEncode's mission is to encode your vision

— Oguzcan Karakoc

Who am I?

Hello, I am Oguzcan Karakoc, founder of MaxEncode. With a great passion for developing software based solutions, I started this company to help people achieve their goals online. Software has grown exponentially throughout the last decade. Building scalable solutions has increasingly become a requirement. My interests lie in this growth. It brings endless possibilities. Exploring these possibilities, working with new and upcoming technologies and helping people to step into the online space is what I enjoy doing. A lot of people have an idea, but struggle putting it online. This is what MaxEncode helps you with. The name MaxEncode derives from Max, as in maximum, and Encode. I always like to have maximum input in my projects and my customers can expect no less. Encode has a more concrete meaning. The definition for Encoding is to convert something from one system of communication into another. Hence “Encode your vision”.
Oguzcan Karakoc